Midwest Mindfulness Meditation Centre
A nonprofit meditation center
to find peace, healing, and self-care

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All classes and workshops are informed by the MBSR curriculum. It is the only evidence-based mindfulness practice proven to reduce pain, depression, anxiety and improve joy, compassion, and clarity. Free introduction classes offered weekly.

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Testimonial from Andrea

Learning to grow in sonsciousness of the present moment is beneficial. Marcie does a varvelous job of inviting us into that space! For stress reduction, anxiety, and other painful challenges, this is a great class to start your journey to inner wholeness and peace. ~ Andrea O.

Testimonial from Jenny

Marcie is a wonderful teacher! ~ Jenny S.

Testimonial from Amber

Marcie does a great job at sharing her personal journey, educating, and welcoming others to share. ~ Amber D.

Testimonial from Carol

Marcie has a calming presence about her that helped calm me. She was thorough in her simple instruction. I will use what she shared to improve my daily practice. ~ Carol W.

Testimonial from Laura

I’m excited for the opening of Midwest Mindful Meditation Centre. The center will be a valued asset to our community. Marcie’s knowledge, insightfulness and caring heart will help many in our area. Feeling grateful! ~ Laura K.

Testimonial from Mary

Meditation has changed my life, I recommend it to everyone, cause everyone can benefit. Marcie’s presentation on MSBR was informative and the meditations were beneficial. ~ Mary B.

Testimonial from Pat

Instructor was straightforward, not esoteric. ~ Pat E.

Testimonial from Katie

Marcie has a passion for what she does and a unique gift in her delivery of the classes. I highly recommend Midwest Mindful Meditation Centre. ~ Katie T.

Testimonial from Sonja

The class is a perfect combination of education and experience. Marcie’s presence and authenticity create a nurturing space to explore mindfulness. ~ Sonja K.

Testimonial from Del Marie

I sincerely feel that Marcie did a great job in leading the group. Her voice intonation was perfect, her pace calming and her words created a meditation experience that was meaningful. ~ Del Marie R.

Testimonial from Mike

The class motivated me to pursue meditation practice on a more aggressive level. ~ Mike K.

Testimonial from Melanie

I was aware of my own body and breathing – and that it is normal to have many thoughts running through my mind and with practice I could refocus and stay present. ~ Melanie J.


This was an amazing experience. It was so easy to sit. ~ Debra Q.


The world could use more people like Marcie to bring this to their communities. ~ Lisa M.

We are grateful to our community partners who allow us to bring MBSR to those who need it most.

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