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Marcie Wagner, CRFE, MBSR
Marcie Wagner, CRFE, MBSR, Founder - Teacher - Trainer


  • The Mindfulness Experience
  • Recovery & Relapse Prevention
  • Mindfulness in the workplace

Marcie Wagner, CFRE, MBSR is the Founding Director and Mindfulness Instructor at Midwest Mindful. She has over 1,200 hours in silent meditation with nearly 500 hours of mindfulness training and teaching under the direct guidance of the nation's most notable teachers at Omega Institute, Shambhala Mountain Center, Krame Center for Contemplate Studies at Ramapo College, IONS Earthrise Retreat Center, and the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness.

Marcie is a veteran of the nonprofit industry. Her expertise is in the successful development, implementation, and sustainable growth of newly incorporated nonprofit organizations. Marcie is also the founder and principal of ML Wagner Fundraising Group. She has a BA from the University of South Dakota and received qualification to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through The University of Massachusetts Medical School. She has her Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) credentials and is registered with the MN Attorney General’s Office and the MN Secretary of State. She is a member of the Minnesota Counsel of Nonprofits (MCN) and Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). Marcie’s Strengths, based on Gallup’s “Strengths Finder” are: Strategic, Restorative, Connectedness, Ideation, and Positivity.

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